4 Reasons Why Group Tutoring is Better than One-on-One

I am going to discuss the reasons why group tutoring is better than one-on-one tutoring in the Philippines

Tutoring is one of the easiest jobs to get paid with cash nowadays. Not only teachers are offering tutorial services. There are many non-teachers who prefer to tutor rather than apply for a job that commensurates with their degree.

I know a nurse who is tutoring Koreans and she is earning almost double what a staff nurse is earning monthly. There is also a commerce graduate that I know who goes tutoring house to house in the homes of the wealthy businessmen in Makati. She is earning more than what a bank manager is earning.

Those are only examples of tutors earning good money.

And that is true. You can earn by tutoring full time or in your spare time.

Well, that doesn’t mean that you can earn as much as they do. It depends on the area where you are tutoring, but there are always children who need tutorial services around so if you want to try tutoring jobs then just look around and you can always find students to teach.

You can start with one or two students that will multiply in the future.

I have given you an inspiration and now I will discuss to you why it is better to group tutor rather than tutoring one on one.

4 Reasons why it is better to group tutor:

1.More Students in One-Sitting

Yes, in a group tutoring style, you can tutor as many as 4 children; especially if they are in the same grade level.

You need a bigger table for this method of tutoring. Make sure too that your papers are pre-made. You cannot manage 4 students at the same time if your worksheets are not pre-made.

They are grades 1 and 2 pupils in one school.

I will teach you how to prepare your worksheets in the next articles.

You can check this website for free worksheets that you can use for tutoring.

2. More Means  Challenging to the Students

In my experience, children tend to learn better with other students around. I have tutored one on one in the past but I found out that if the child is a slow learner, there is also slow development.

When you mix the slow learners to fast learners, the slow learners tend to learn better. They are being challenged by their peers. One reason is that they also want to be good like their classmates.

No child wants to be left alone. A child always wants to be part of a group or better.

If the child is alone, there is no one to compare too. The child will be contented with what the tutor teaches and often doesn’t strive hard. One reason is that the child knows that if the lesson is hard, the tutor is there to rely on. Whereas, if the child is with a group, the child will strive hard to be part of the group.

Children always compare themselves with each other and the want competition.

Remember that tutoring has now become a trend in many parts of the Philippines.  It is not only children with special educational needs that are being tutored or mentored but even achievers who want to maintain their class standing.

So do not expect to tutor only children with special academic needs.

It would be a mixture of the slow, average and even the best students.

3. More Means More Earnings

Imagine yourself tutoring one on one; even if you charge higher which is usually double; you are still at a loss. Your time plus the pay is better if you group tutor. If you can tutor 4 students in an hour that means good pay already.

4. Group Tutoring is Interesting

We have been group tutoring for several years and we are inspired by our students’ good performance. The students often compare their scores in a quiz or compare their grades at the end of a grading period..

Children want to compete and they often compete with one another. That is the teacher’s inspiration in her daily endeavor.

I would also want to tell you that you can find clients who will be very loyal to you until their child/children finish their elementary grades. They even ask us to tutor their child/children in high school so if you can tutor high school students; well and good.

As for me, I only accept pre-school students to grade 5. Once they are in grade 6, I advise them to learn how to study on their own so that they will learn to be independent and become responsible in the future.

Group tutoring is good but you have to take into consideration the other aspects of tutoring.

Group tutoring has one drawback and that is; you cannot group tutor reading enhancement lessons.

But you can always set a specified time for special reading classes. The bad news is that you cannot accommodate more students in a special reading class. It has to be one-on-one.

So, if that problem occurs, you can find time for a special reading session at the last hour or the first hour of your class hours. And you can charge higher also.

Most students go for tutoring in the afternoon so you can schedule special reading classes in the morning and in the last two hours before you close in the afternoon.

You can also schedule weekend classes for special reading lessons.

That said, I am wishing you good luck in your tutorial services venture.

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