6 Stumbling Blocks that Affect Tutorial Business in the Philippines

While tutorial business in the Philippines is easy to start; you don’t expect it to be an instant success. And you should be ready for some roadblocks that may impede the growth of your business.

At the start, you don’t feel the stress but as you man your business, unexpected problems may arise.

Of course, this is a normal trend in the business world.

Everybody knows that going into business is a tough journey. It could be a joy ride at the start but there are times and expect this when you suddenly experience the rocky turn of circumstances.

Here are 6 Stumbling Blocks that may Affect Your Tutorial Business in the Philippines:

1.Financial Problems

When people are suddenly slapped with financial problems, the first thing they do is to cut down on expenses. Out go the additional services and the luxurious way of life. The budget will be concentrated on the necessities only. One of the services that a family may not find very important when financial crisis arise is the tutorial services that the children have availed.

A few years ago when the United States of America experienced a sudden recession, the Philippines was also very much affected. This is because several Filipinos lost their jobs during that time.

It took almost three years before we were able to regain our students back to normal. It was a tough situation and we contented ourselves with what students we had that time. Our number of students was reduced to almost half.

You have to be prepared for this situation because whether you like it or not, the economic crisis cannot be avoided. People lose jobs, people go into financial problems and people lose their business, and so on. These situations affect your tutorial business too.

In our case, during the recession, we managed to survive but we also had many things curtailed.

Every time a parent loses a job, there is a great impact on our tutorial business. When a member of a family gets sick or suddenly fall into hard times, we expect one student to go.

2. Competition

As I mentioned in my previous article, tutorial centers in the Philippines are popping like mushrooms. You are not the only tutorial center owner because there are many others around. Now, that is where you find ways to be different and set an edge where you surpass your competitors.

Of course, this strategy depends on your priorities and what you want to achieve as a tutorial business owner in the Philippines.

In our case, our tutorial business had been doing quite well until 5 other tutorial centers popped up and more teachers in school accepted after school tutoring services.

Until now, more and more tutorial centers are emerging and only the tough ones are left to survive the stiff competition.

For one year, we lost so many students and only a few were left with us but the next year, some of them came back. What made them come back to us is another story for another article.

3. Geographical Location

One of the important features of a tutorial center in the Philippines should be easy access to your prospective students.

If your competitors have easier access to students, they have the advantage over you.

In our case. our tutorial center is very near a Catholic school, so most of our students come from this certain school. We have the edge when it comes to easy access because the students can easily come to the tutorial center after school.

Your tutorial center should be near schools. Consider also the environment. Your tutorial center should be a safe place for the students.

I often hear parents say they don’t like a certain tutorial center because the place is not safe or it is out of the way or it is too far from the school.

These and other reasons can affect your tutorial business in the Philippines.

4. Learning Conduciveness

Spacious and comfortable tutorial center.

This is very important because most parents want their children to feel comfortable while being taught.

Most parents want their children to be comfortable in the tutorial center. That is one of the features that they are paying not just the tutorial services their child is getting.

Always take your students into consideration when putting up your tutorial business.

5. Services

Your service is very important. After all, that is the reason why you started a tutorial business in the first place.

No matter how good you are as a teacher if you don’t provide good services to your clients; you will not prosper in the tutorial business.

Services include how you take care of your students. Remember that you are not only a teacher but a mentor as well.

In our case, we practice inclusive education meaning we accept students with special educational needs.

Children have different levels of intelligence as well as capabilities. If a child needs more time to work, let the child have more time to finish the assigned worksheets.

5. Program

Yes, your tutorial services program is very important in the tutorial business because this is your brand. Your clients will recognize your business according to your program.

It may be tough in the beginning but as your business progresses you will be able to easily follow your own program that will become your tutorial business brand.

I started writing my Special Reading Program a few years ago which we are using up to now. It is very effective for starter readers.

Now that I have given you the six crucial circumstances that may affect your tutorial business in the Philippines, you can now start planning your own tutorial center.

I am sharing you these tips because I have been in the tutorial business for more than thirty years.

Tutorial business is like an art and a skill. And mind you, it is not an easy endeavor. If you do not strive hard and do not persevere, you could easily get discouraged and give up.

Take my word for it, patience, patience, and patience is the way to success.

I will see you in the next article.

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