5 Tips to Make Your Tutorial Business in the Philippines a Success

Once there was a teacher who said, “Teaching is easy, anyone can teach. Even a high school graduate can be a teacher.”

I heard that before and I heard it again.

The point is, anyone, can teach but not anyone can be a successful teacher and mentor.

Teaching is different from successful mentoring.

So, let’s use the word mentoring to make it better than merely teaching.

If you are in the tutorial business, you don’t just teach. You should be one person with diverse skills and talents because you are dealing with different types of children.

Young children have mood swings.

Tutoring could be a lucrative business in the Philippines for as long as you allocate enough time and dedication to your business.

Here are some simple tips to make your tutorial business a success in the Philippines:

Some may disagree with this marketing plan and may consider it as just a waste of time. But believe me, a marketing plan is one of the pre-requisites of a business.

What is included in the marketing plan of your business?

  • The Target Analysis – Who will be your clients?
  • The Industry Trends – Why will people in your community need your business?
  • The Competition – Analyze how you can survive the competition in your business.
  • The Product or Service Analysis – What are your products or the services you are offering?
  • The Marketing strategies – How will you go about your business?
  • The Special Features – What special features do you possess that others don’t have?
  • The Advertising and Promotion Plan – How will you promote your business?

All the above mentioned are included in the marketing plan of your business that is why it is important that you make a marketing plan in order to have a comprehensive understanding of your business.

  • Know Your Business

Yes, this is a crucial part of the business. Before putting up your business, you have to know why you are going into this business. The truth is, you are not just going to open a building or a room and let the students come in and do their worksheets and school works. No, the business doesn’t function that way. More than that, you have to deal with a lot of things like knowing who your clients are, understanding your students and learning how to teach your students effectively. Yes, effectively.

Your students are the core elements of your business. They are the reason why your business is there and they are the reason why you are in business.

Knowing your students means understanding their individuality and finding effective ways to meet their needs.

In the future, you will soon learn that there are children with special educational needs that you will handle.

Some parents instead of bringing their children to special schools prefer for them to be tutored one-on-one.

Of course, you can always decline if you think you cannot handle them but as a mentor, it is not proper to decline students unless you really cannot accommodate them. Another thing; if you want more students, you need to adapt to different learning needs and problems.

  • Get Social

One of the best ways to get students is to socialize with other parents around your community. Let them know that you are in the tutorial business and if they need your services you are there for them.

Being sociable is good for your business.

We get most of our students through referrals. This is because our students have been with us for a few years and they already know what kind of services we are offering.

  • Know Your Competitors

Why do you need to know your competitors?

It is important to know what type of services your competitors are offering. This way, you can outdo them.

Here’s an example: If your competitors charge high, make your prices lower. If they charge for extra time spent tutoring, make the extra time free. These and many more are examples of strategies you can use to outdo your competitors and make your business grow.

In our tutorial center, we offer one of the cheapest fees and our students can stay longer until they finish their seat works without extra charges.

  • Keep Your Standards High

One of the things clients are looking for in a tutorial service is the standard of your teaching services.

If you have hired teachers who are doing the teaching job for you, make sure that you are monitoring your teachers.

Teachers are not perfect. There are cases when even teachers make mistakes in spelling, grammar, etc. These problems can affect your business.

People talk and news travel fast. You have to make sure you are monitoring the progress of your tutorial business.

Young people are smart. Some students know their teacher’s mistakes.

If this problem occurs you have to be ready to answer the parents if they talk to you. And the best way to handle this is to admit your mistake and make sure that it will not be repeated.

Tutoring is a good business and easy to man. Just follow these simple tips and you will be on the right track.

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