Marketing Plan of a Tutorial Center

Marketing Plan for Kidzonic


I  Market Analysis

Target Markets

Our target markets are the middle income families who can afford to send their young kids to good schools with good quality teaching.  Filipinos are now very much education conscious in the hope that their kids will attend good schools and become smart and competitive in this ever changing world.  To Filipinos, education is as important as life itself and once a person has good education; it is akin to becoming successful in the future.

The clients of Kidzonic are the young mothers and fathers who belong to the middle class families of Las Piñas City.  Kidzonic is a pre-school and the students are young kids aged 2 – 4.  Therefore it is the parents that we are dealing with.  The other clients are the grandparents who are often the most concerned with the future of their grandchildren.

Industry Trends

The growing concern of parents about the diminishing quality of education in the Philippines has alerted parents, guardians and grandparents to take action and help resolve the education system problem.  Very young kids who are usually confined in the 4 corners of the house with elders are now busy going to school.  Early education has become a must in the Philippines to compete globally in the education system.  This plus the growing population of young kids will make preschools a good business for years to come.

In addition, the new system in the curriculum of Philippine education requires pre-school education before a child is accepted in grade 1.  This means preschools will be well catered and will continue to bloom for as long as there are kids to teach.

The Competition

Currently, Kidzonic is very competitive as there are very few preschools in the area.  We are very competitive in our teaching method since our teachers are well trained to deal with very young kids.

As an additional incentive to customers, we offer free snacks to the kids where other preschools do not.  We also accept special children and do well teaching them.  Other schools recommend special kids to special schools but we do not do that.  Instead we accept them and treat them like normal kids.

There are only three pre-schools in the area; two have been in business for more than ten years and one is only two years old.  Our research show that many parents are not satisfied with the services of the said preschools.

Although we are very competitive when it comes to our method of teaching, one of our problems is the location of our school.  The area is limited and we cannot provide a playground for the kids.  We cannot provide also air-conditioned rooms because of limited resources.

II  Product or Service analysis


We aim to provide the best basic education for very young kids by hiring good teachers who know how to teach and deal with very young kids.  Our good services include our own products such as activity sheets that we personally prepare.  We do not buy books to sell to our students.  We believe that learning is better and more effective if we make our own worksheets based from our experiences as educators.


Our pre-school offers the best basic education for very young kids.  The teachers have been honed for many years of teaching.  It is also our aim to offer free snacks to young kids that are nutritious.  This giving-snack strategy is also for the purpose of avoiding trouble among kids who may want the food of other children. When the same food is served to all the kids, possible misunderstandings among the young kids will be avoided.

We provide our own school materials.  The activity sheets have been carefully planned before they are made.  These activity sheets are patterned according to the needs of our students that we believe will enhance their growth and development at the same time improve their academic achievements.  We offer only 4 core subject areas namely: Language, Reading Readiness, Math and Science plus a once a week arts and Music and Dancing.  All our activities are patterned according to the needs of very young kids.

We concentrate more on the development of academic readiness for the kids.  At the end of the child’s stay with us which is normally 2 years, the child is already trained to read, write and do some basic Math.

In our research, most of the preschools are concentrated on the play time for kids and socialization.  As a result, most of the kids especially the slow learners do not know how to read when they finally start their first grade.

Our only disadvantage against the other preschools is the absence of a playground where the young kids could circulate and socialize but since our main mission is geared on the academic readiness of the children; we find it not a very important part of our preschool system.

III  Marketing Strategies/Marketing Mix 

Pricing Strategy

We believe that good quality education need not be very expensive.  Although we provide all school materials plus food, the tuition fee that we offer our students is still very competitive.  Compared to other schools with similar category, our tuition fee is cheaper as it includes school supplies and snacks.

Image/Special Features

We make it a point to maintain one solid mission and that is:  “To prepare the kids for their future academic endeavor and make them ready for 1st grade in bigger schools.”

What makes Kidzonic special compared to other schools?

1.     Our school accepts children with special educational needs. We practice inclusive learning so we don’t reject children with special educational needs; instead, we make sure to help in addressing their needs.

2.     We provide our own school materials which are patterned from years of experiences with very young children.  The activity sheets are patterned according to the needs of the young learners.

Pricing profile

Plan A          –  Cash        –    P20,000 for the whole year

Plan B          –  Upon Enrolment  –    P12,000            Monthly –  P1,200

Plan C          –  Upon Enrolment  –    P5,000              Monthly –  P2,200

All plans are inclusive of school supplies and snacks.

Advertising and Promotions Plan

In order to attract more clients; we are going to promote Kidzonic  in a number of ways:

·         Distribution of flyers in public places such as schools, markets, malls, etc.

·         Personal contact advertising

·         Referral incentives (cash incentives given to anyone who can refer students}

·         Discount coupons (Discount coupons for the 1st 10 enrollees)

·         Use of banners and streamers (Posted in public places)

·         Facebook Page

·         Website

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