One on One Tutoring and Group Tutoring

One on one or group tutoring?

Which one is better?

Whether you are still planning to tutor or you have already started tutoring, deciding which type of tutoring you are going to follow is important.

You have to decide if you are going to tutor one on one or do group tutoring.

Or you can do both.

Well, it depends on what you want.

Let me explain how one on one tutoring is done.

One on One Tutoring

When you decide to tutor one on one, you will be tutoring one student at a time.  This is usually done either in your place or the student’s place.

When you tutor one on one, you have to charge higher since you have to take into consideration the travel time and your fare. This, of course, is when you are going to your student’s house.

The same is true when your student goes to your place. You have to charge higher because you are tutoring only one student.

The price of your tutorial service will depend also on your student’s social status. You should be considerate when tutoring because there are parents who could hardly afford the cost of tutorial services but they do all means just to have their child tutored

The common problem is that the child has special educational needs that need to be addressed.

The problem is; the student cannot be included in a group tutoring class so the only option is one on one tutoring.

Sometimes, the teacher in school recommends tutoring because the child cannot cope with the class. In this case, the parents are forced to have their child tutored even if they could hardly afford.

This is the time to be generous and charge a little lower than the normal price.

Group Tutoring

As the word implies, group tutoring means you are going to tutor at least four students at a time which is done in your tutorial place and not in your student’s place.

Let us now compare the two types of tutoring.

Pros of one on one tutoring

  • There is less stress since you have only one student.
  • You don’t have to prepare worksheet beforehand because you only have one student to attend to.
  • The pay is higher.

Cons of one on one tutoring

  • You have to spend for your fare.
  • You waste your time travelling.
  • You can earn more when you group tutor.

Pros of group tutoring

  • You can earn more with more students at a time.
  • Your time will be well spent.
  • No need to travel so you don’t have an extra expense for the fare.

Cons of group tutoring

  • More work and more stress.
  • You have to prepare the worksheets beforehand.
  • More students to take care and discipline.

Now that I have laid out the pros and cons of one on one tutoring and group tutoring; it’s up to you to choose which type you are going to apply in your tutorial business.

In my case, I started with one on one tutoring during the first few years of my teaching. You have to start with what is more comfortable for you.

But if you are just starting, one on one tutoring is better than group tutoring.

You can gain experience by tutoring one on one then put up a tutorial center and apply group tutoring.

Or you can do both.

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