How to Start Your Home Tutorial Business in the Philippines

This is the first post of a series of articles that I am going to share to you regarding tutorial business in the Philippines.

This is for pre-school to grade 6 students.

The prices are for the lower grades too because high-school tutors charge more and they also charge per subject.

I have been in this tutorial business for more than thirty years so I am equipped with enough experiences and knowledge about the tutorial business in the Philippines.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new graduate, a mom who wants additional income, a full-time teacher who wants a part-time job or a retiree who just wants to be busy.

The things I am going to share to you are all simple ways to go into the tutorial business and earn some money.

Of course, it is not a get rich scheme and you cannot get rich by just tutoring or mentoring children but I can assure you that tutoring could be a good business that you can have for life.

This is true. Unlike stores that anyone can easily put up, tutorial business is not for everybody.

So, to start with, I am going to share to you how to start your tutorial business.

You already have your most important tool that is your being a teacher or even if you are not a teacher for as long as you have the knack of teaching, you can be a tutor.

Tips on How to Start a Tutorial Business in the Philippines:

Display a banner outside your gate.

This is important because you have to let people know what business you are offering. People always look at what is written and by displaying a banner outside your gate; you are attracting clients to come to you.

Choose a comfortable place for tutoring.

Your clients are parents who care about their children’s comfort. You have to show them that their child is being taken care of and will feel comfortable while studying.

Prepare a small table for a start and some chairs.

Of course, this is only for a start. You can add some more if your students multiply.

Advertise by word of mouth.

We Filipinos have several friends and relatives. Your friends, neighbors and relatives are your best prospect for your business. They may not all be your clients but a few of them will always be your clients. Let them know that you are putting up a tutorial business.

Be ready with your tools.

Yes, it is very important to have pencils, ball pens, crayons and papers that you can use when you start tutoring.

Ask around how much is the price of tutors in your area.

It is also important to know what price you are going to charge your students.

You can refer to this list of suggestions:

Per hour – you can charge as low as Php100 to as high as Php300.

Monthly  –  Php1500 to as high as Php6000

Per lesson – Php200 to as high as Php300

The prices are only suggestions. In the community where I live, most tutors charge Php3000 monthly. There are students who only have tutorial services during exams which we charge Php250 per day.

In some exclusive schools that I know, tutors charge Php6000 monthly. But the tutor goes to the place of the student and it is usually one on one.

By the way, we do group tutorials so each student pays Php3000 monthly.

In cases where you tutor one on one; you can charge higher prices

When you are all set to go into business, make yourself always available at home in order to serve clients who want to inquire.

Remember that if you are always missing when people come looking for you, they will not come back anymore to you. They will look elsewhere.

Impress your clients by dressing up properly and making yourself always available when they need you.

Even if your business is at home, you should dress appropriately and show your clients that you are the teacher who will teach their child. Most people look up to you according to how you present yourself and how you talk to them. Let them see that you mean business.

Make sure also that you know what you are saying.

There are some parents who ask a lot of questions and you should be prepared for that.

Well, there’s nothing to worry about because they will only ask how much they will pay and what time their child will go to the tutorial center.

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