Teachers Should Not be Broke

Let me ask you something.

Do you agree that teachers should not be broke?

I am not speaking about all teachers here, I am only talking about many teachers who are paid lowly.

Teachers who are working in exclusive schools are paid decently so they have no financial problems.

I mean, in the Philippines, many teachers are broke. Let’s face it and let’s be honest. I am also a teacher so I know how it feels to be one broke teacher.

Unless of course, if you are born rich or you have other resources, then you are not broke.

Many times, I encounter teachers complaining about their salary not enough to make ends meet. And I agree.

  • Teacher 1 is riddled with debts while supporting her children to school.
  • Teacher 2 often borrows money from her friends to pay her bills and pays them when she is paid her salary.
  • Teacher 3 manages because she has her siblings who voluntarily extend their aid when she needed it.
  • Teacher 4 resorts to what you call 5/6 (meaning if you borrow Php5000, you have to pay back Php6000) which is too much in the pocket. This is the reason why so many teachers I know are complaining about the harshness of life.

……and so on….

Forgive me for telling you all these but I happen to know many teachers who are exactly the likes of numbers 1 to 4.

The truth is, they are all full-time public school teachers, who work very hard and yet their salary is not enough to pay all bills on time and at the same time send their children to school.

Yes, this is the sad, sad truth.

Unless your family is well-off and you have other sources of income, being a teacher in the Philippines, especially teachers who live in the city, means being broke.

But that shouldn’t be you.

You can be successful too just like the others. You don’t need to be an executive, an accountant or a doctor to be successful.

Success comes with hard work and perseverance.

So, where does my program fill in here?

I want to help you earn more by tutoring.

I know that many teachers are talented and skilled workers.

In fact, you cannot be a teacher if you don’t possess many great qualities.

Get your strength from those talents and skills you possess and use them to earn more and change your lifestyle.

So, going back to the earlier question.

Should teachers be broke?



Because teachers are the busiest workers around and they work really hard so they deserve better pay than what they are getting.

Of course, this is in the Philippines.

In many countries in the world, teachers are one of the best-paid workers.

In the Philippines, if you are a new graduate teacher, you don’t expect to be paid equal to those who were steps ahead of you.

Going back to where I started, I want to teach teachers to make a living using their creativity.

Of course, for starters, you don’t need to leave your job. Always bear in mind that there is no certainty when you are shifting to another job. So, never ever leave your job, not until you know that you are already earning enough to leave your job.

The good thing if you are in the big city is that teaching schedule in public schools is only half-day and you have more time to find other ways to augment your earnings.

So, if you are a teacher who wants to earn more; why don’t you get tutors and earn more?

I am warning you, this is not a get rich scheme but you can earn a decent living tutoring.

Tutoring is a booming business in the Philippines but it doesn’t mean that you have to leave your job go into the tutorial business.

I mean, you shouldn’t be leaving your regular job. Not until you have established your tutorial business.

Yes, I can hear you complaining about being fully loaded with millions of tasks that consume almost 20 hours of your time.

We are all busy people.

But this depends on your priority. If you make time for something you really want to do or achieve; it is impossible to not have the time.

Yes, your time is gold. You should have the time and the dedication to pursue your dreams before they are finally realized.

I was also once a classroom teacher. And mind you, I had handled a combination class of grades 1 and 2. And I couldn’t complain because it was my job as a teacher.

That experience sent me packing my bags to come to the city.

It was then that I discovered this tutorial thing that for more than thirty years I religiously made for a living.

That year was 1984. I was fresh from a remote village in Cagayan Valley, with only 8 months of teaching experience and with little knowledge about tutoring the rich children.

My friend urged me to try it because it was easier than teaching a class of 40 to 50 students. And of course, the pay was good.

That was the first experience that I had tutoring children of the moneyed people in Metro Manila.

I was only in my early twenties that time and the pay was good.

It was also the year when tutoring was not a known word in the Philippines.

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